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Hilda Barg on taxes  
10/27/2005 2:04:41 PM  

Pro Tax Reality doesn't match Anti-Tax Rhetoric

The Frederick Campaign calls upon Hilda Barg to stop running from her record of raising taxes on the families of the 52nd district.

Frederick Campaign Manager Ted Prill commented: “Mrs. Barg has one of the worst records out there on taxes. I’m not sure if she’s ever found a tax she doesn’t like. It’s high time that she came clean about her record and stopped lying about her tax hiking ways.”

“Mrs. Barg thinks she can talk out of both sides of her mouth to the people of the 52nd district and get away with it. I think that she should be ashamed of herself.” Prill said.

Prill listed a few of Mrs. Barg's claims and then the pro-tax votes that contradict them:

    Barg Claim:

    “I have been in office for 17 ½ years and never once have I voted to raise taxes.”

    The Facts:

    Mrs. Barg has voted to raise taxes on the families of Prince William County many, many times.
  • Since she was first elected, she has raised property taxes 158%. THIS IS A TAX HILDA!!
  • Voted for a 4-cent meal tax on almost all meals purchased in the county. THIS IS ANOTHER TAX HILDA!!
  • Raised the Utility tax on residents by 75 cents a month or 2.25 a month on all three utility bills. YET ANOTHER TAX HILDA…
  • Raised the auto decal price from $20 to $24. MORE MONEY YOU ARE TAKING FROM US HILDA!!!
  • Doubled the motorcycle decal price. Wait… What’s this? ANOTHER TAX YOU VOTED FOR HILDA
  • Increased the hotel tax by 150%. IS IT EVER GOING TO STOP HILDA?
  • Passed a resolution to raise fees for 911 services. If you have a coronary from the taxes that Hilda has raised… SHE”S STILL GOING TO TAX YOU FOR CALLING FOR HELP. YOU’RE TAXING US INTO THE AMBULANCE HILDA!!!
  • Voted to include cell phones in the counties utility tax. GREAT, JUST WHAT WE NEED HILDA… ANOTHER TAX YOU’VE STUCK US WITH… THANKS FOR NOTHING!


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