Endorsement Letter From Matt Harrison  
9/28/2007 2:40:00 PM  

To fellow Democrats


Dear Fellow 52nd District Citizen:

If you are a Democrat like me, supporting and voting for a Republican doesn’t come easy. And in today’s political environment, Democrats supporting Republicans is even more unusual.

My name is Matt Harrison; I am a life-long Democrat and a former Chairman of the Dumfries District for the Prince William Democratic Party. I am writing to you today to encourage you to join me in supporting Jeff Frederick’s reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates from the 52nd district.

Electing a representative is a very important duty and it is critical we choose the candidate who best understands the issues important to our families and who understands the daily problems of people like you and me to represent our interests in Richmond.

Jeff is committed to finding REAL transportation solutions that ease our commutes to and from work. Jeff has already secured money to improve our commuter lots and he is working hard to ease the gridlock on I-95 and Route 1. He also authored Governor Kaine’s signature growth legislation last year, which has now successfully halted the construction of over 37,000 homes in Northern Virginia.

Jeff knows we all live on tight budgets and he has been at the forefront in the House of Delegates in ensuring that the government prioritizes its expenditures so our taxes stay low. Jeff is committed to keeping the government disciplined and Jeff had the guts to stand up to the leadership in both parties by voting against the creation of an un-elected Northern Virginia taxing authority.

Jeff understands our government cannot continue subsidizing those who have come to our community illegally. We need to guarantee our communities are safe from the problems of gang violence and other illegal behavior, and Jeff has a plan to reduce the financial impact of illegal aliens on our community.

Jeff also understands we need to improve the healthcare our families receive and that we can save money in the long run by doing preventative screening. That’s why I was very impressed with Jeff when he won passage of the Infant Screening Bill which increased the number of genetic defects newborns are screened for. Jeff’s bill to let small businesses pool together to purchase health insurance is making quality health care more accessible and affordable.

On all these issues that are important to our community, I know I can trust Jeff to do what is right for my family and yours. I encourage you to listen to Jeff, learn about his ideas and positions on the issues, and vote for Jeff this November 6th. We can’t afford to lose Jeff Frederick as our Delegate.


Matt Harrison


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