Five things you can do  
7/5/2007 6:49:00 PM  

to help re-elect Jeff

  1. Put a bumper sticker on your car. It has been said that the exposure resulting from a bumper sticker on a car is valued at over $250 for a candidate. You can help Jeff by showing your support with a bumper sticker on your car. Click here to get one sent to you.

  2. Put a sign in your yard. Yard signs are a great way to show your support and to encourage your neighbors to vote for Jeff. Click here to have a sign delivered to your home.

  3. Make a contribution. Financial support is critical for a winning campaign. Your donation will help us get our message out to voters. Click here to make an online contribution.

  4. Volunteer for the campaign. An essential part of our winning team are our great volunteers. Without them, we can't win. We can use help with

    • going door-to-door

    • stuffing envelopes

    • putting up yard signs

    • helping with fundraisers

    • hosting local meet-and-greets

    • making telephone calls

    • and everything else that comes with a grass-roots campaign.

    If you can help with any of the above, let us know. Click here to sign up.

  5. Join our eCampaign. Sign up for our email updates to stay posted on our activities and how you can help re-elect Jeff to a third term:

      Name (First & Last):
    Email Address:
    Click "GO"


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